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Introduction to H.R. International Europe Sp.zo.o

H.R. International Europe Sp.zo.o is the Poland-based Sister Company of H.R. International, successfully founded in the year 2016 under the flagship of H.R. Group of Companies, a premier business conglomerate who secured a pioneering position in diverse business sectors throughout the world. It is a well-known fact that technology has brought us closer to various faraway countries yet hiring the best candidate to cater the staffing needs of our valued clients still remains a challenge to this day. Our company had joined the race of manpower services in 2016 by providing competitive industrial support in the field of recruitment and education in European countries by expanding our roots to the heart of Poland, Warsaw. We came into healthy contacts with various business establishments and homegrown companies, located in Poland and other European countries to help our clients deeply understand the global complexities of staffing management and give them a one-stop solution to switch to better alternatives that completely match their staffing needs. We are proud to say that our dream to be the world’s number 1 recruitment agency is now becoming a reality with every passing year, and with every opportunity of global expansion, we have mustered a strong client base and an impeccable global reputation.

The idea behind the establishment of H.R. International Europe Sp.zo.o

The idea of establishing the H.R. International Europe Sp.zo.o, was the outcome of the global perception of its parent organization H.R. Group of Companies which too, has secured a global reputation in successfully contributing in diverse business cultures. The company was established in the center of Poland, Warsaw, and joined hands with its world-ranking universities and colleges to provide study abroad programs as well as established healthy contacts with recruitment agencies, partners and agents to understand the pros and cons of Polish manpower industry and identify the job vacancies that may help foreign candidates expand their horizon both professionally and academically. Over 25 associate offices throughout the world have given us direct access to the pools of noble talent, potential students, and skilled workers.

H.R. Group of Companies

We have reached another milestone in the journey to expand our operational area throughout the European countries with the name of H.R. International Europe Sp, Zo.o. under the flagship of H.R. Group of Companies. The organization has invested in several globally-reputed business entities known as IT Services, CAD Training, Blue-collar training, testing and interview services, Diagnostic services, Tour and Travels, and Construction.

The organization came into existence early in the year 2005, by founding and expanding its first overseas recruitment agency H.R. International, an ISO 9001:2015 certified and Government approved manpower service provider. H.R. International is the parent company of all recruitment agencies running under the leadership of H.R. Group of Companies both in India and abroad like H.R. International Employment Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal, H.R. International FZE, in Dubai or other associate offices spread all over the globe. They all follow the same goals, missions, and ideologies constructed during the foundation of H.R. International, the only thing that differentiate them are multiple duties appointed to them like Dubai office manages the executive search, education and business formation services in GCC and Middle-East countries while Poland office look after their recruitment and education services in European countries.

Life would be a fun in Poland

H.R. International Europe sp.zo.o can offer several advantages to those who wish to leave their nests and experience life in Poland as it occupies the central part of Europe with long railway networks making it a doorway to both western and eastern European countries, connecting it to various modern cities and lifestyles.

Foreign education services

Since our inception in Poland in 2016, we have developed healthy relations with many European universities and colleges and began introducing potential students to various qualities of Polish education system and offered them trendy courses in business, science, Information technology, arts and Humanities, LAW and justice, Criminology, engineering, medical, accounts, vocational training, etc.

We are equipped with latest technologies, huge global network and presentable in over 300 Top University in UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, US, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, France, China, and Poland.

We provide comprehensive assistance in :

  • Scholarship programs
  • Visa processing
  • Financial Aid
  • Education loan
  • Preparation for entrance exams
  • Travel assistance
  • Help to secure a part-time jobs
  • Accommodation

VISA processing and legal formalities

Our Visa processing is the best in the industry in terms of convenience, comfort and timely delivery whether your purpose of the visit is employment, higher studies or just seeking a chance to explore the world. We provide home document collection services of all your professional/personal/educational documents, issued by Polish Government and surrender them to the consulates/embassies for signing and stamping of your employment visa and passport. Medical tests, biometric examination, financial and travel guidance, and the return of documents are some of the crucial aspects that we take care with absolute care as your documents, work permits, and visas are the only validated evidence of your legal stay in a foreign country. So trust us, we know the price of documents and value of your trust.

Our recruitment services are equipped with:

1. Time management strategies to deliver services within the projected timeframe.
2. Comprehensive assistance in the documentation, visa processing, skill assessment, and executive search.
3. Training classes for candidates to develop their verbal communication and boost confidence, so they can easily blend into the non-native surroundings.
4. Provide candidates for various business sectors ranging from agriculture, metal works, machine building, food processing, sanitation, construction labors, all the way to Executive managers, general managers, finance, sales executives and IT professionals.
5. A huge global network that brings vacancy details of various countries under our roof and we handpick the best candidates to deliver these requirements.
6. Huge applicant database that works as a founding strategy in the selection process of candidates that matches the employer’s specific recruitment needs.
7. Placing Polish and European candidates in the global market.
8. Bespoke solution for your every recruitment needs.
9. Group placements of candidates through the globe.
10. Listening to business-specific needs and offer the quality solution that fit their needs.

What is in there for overseas students?

  • Your foreign credentials will be the face of your academic qualities.
  • Better learning environment and tax free studies.
  • Full assistance in course selection, scholarship programs, visa processing, education loan, legal formalities, and documentation.
  • Hone your language skills
  • Affordable consultancy and qualified assistance throughout the program.
  • Get part-time jobs and enjoy the luxuries of Poland.
  • Complete consultancy and assistance on every stage of admission process.
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