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First of all, a thousand greeting to you for taking a moment out of your busy life to explore our website, everything you need to know about latest recruitment services and its benefits in the academic sectors, you can find it with us.

H.R. International FZE, is a diverse and vibrant community and a very special partner to support your recruitment needs of academic instructors. Overseas academic Institutions can count us as their number one recruitment partner and people who have dreams to excel their teaching career at the global level can consider our services best in the industry for career and personal development. For that, we ensure that our recruited teaching staff can find their overseas placements more pleasurable and live up their expectations.


The vision of H.R. International FZE, Recruitment services in the field of education for Gulf Universities is built on a belief that academic supremacy can practically be achieved through the dedicated and decisive approach of qualified and committed faculty and staff. Our services are the forefront in supporting Saudi Arabia’s academic leadership and management in procuring valuable scholars, lecturers, researchers and instructors to justify their overall investments for the global expansion of their academic reputation. Saudi Arabia’s education department recognizes our recruitment staff and services as their valuable partners and most trustworthy resources for installing and staffing of world-class teaching skills in their chain of universities and colleges.


Our recruitment services boosted to the level of “Authorization” after we entered into the partnership with Ministry of Higher Education of Saudi Arabia to facilitate the recruitment of the qualified Indian for higher faculty positions and to provide them a platform to prove their worth in the academic sector of a foreign country. This certification is the evidence of the eminent level of trust of Saudi’s Government upon us for the selection and deployment of qualified foreign academics and scholars.

In UAE’s pursuit to become the best platform for education tourism to the level of global appreciations for its quality education and applied research that defines the future of UAE’s economic growth and social progress requires a helping hand that comprehends the criteria for international accreditation, the competitive landscape of UAE’s higher education and social issues. H.R. International FZE, has been facilitating the deployment of globally accredited faculties and staff, therefore reducing the burden of legal formalities, visa processing and passport generation in order to support UAE’s need of qualified personnel.

Saudi Arabia, a hub of academic up gradation

Honestly saying, higher education in the academic sector of Gulf countries is well prized and increased access is now the Governmental priority in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other emirates country. They own some of the finest universities and colleges for higher education and invite millions of foreign students and teachers to become a part of their educational culture, making the UAE a prominent destination for education tourism. Their academic culture is growing with a rising number of career-oriented universities, international teachings and research staff. These are the key objectives that directly influence the transformation of UAE’s economic frameworks and unlock new gateways, windows and corridors for financially depleted foreign students who aspire to higher education and pursue an international career.

Luckily, Gulf countries always kept their employment windows wide open for foreign candidates in diverse business sector like medical, architectural, industrial and educational. Colleges in the UAE, work hard to provide a stimulating, productive and practical learning environment in the business, arts, science, and management, constantly focusing on academic as well as professional growth of students for the workforce at home and abroad. This is the part where our services truly helped them to muster a strong faculty base for all their academic institutions, universities and colleges.

We provide recruitment assistance for the following

  • Faculty/College of Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics)
  • Faculty/College of Architecture & Design Engineering
  • Faculty/College of Industrial Engineering
  • Faculty/College of Dentistry
  • Faculty/College of Applied Medical Science (Physiotherapy, Lab Sciences, Radiology, Public Health, Epidemiology, Clinical Nutrition)
  • Faculty/College of Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Anesthesia, Pediatrics, Physiology, Orthopedic, Microbiology, Biochemistry)
  • Faculty/College of Nursing (Pediatric Nursing, Community Nursing, Medical & Surgical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing etc.)
  • Faculty/College of Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Faculty/College of Language & Literature (English)
  • Faculty/College of Business Administration
  • Faculty/College of Pharmacy
  • Faculty/College of Computer Sciences & Information Technologies
  • We have huge vacancies available for the academic sector.
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