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Executive Search Operation

The specialized Executive Search or headhunting services are the backbone of H.R. International FZE, Dubai, Recruitment Company for both overseas and domestic manpower demands.

Our professional approach as a premier Executive Search and advisory firm is characterized by our comprehensive understanding of shaping your employee base and business culture. We represent the epitome of global recruitment services throughout the globe with our targeted headhunting tactics that have been the hallmark of our recruitment services for many years. We have a great competency in picking the perfect candidate out of thousands of applications which is almost as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

Our Executive searching has always been highly inventive and intends to keep delivering perfection in exploring potential candidates, which also happens to be the core value of our recruitment management operations. Our unparallel expertise enables us to pursue and convince talented candidates for job opportunities with the world’s best companies, and allows us to build up unique and potent searching strategies in order to gain trust of our clients in locating the perfect candidates for their staffing needs. Our principles are designed and focused specifically to exploit the human capital of the organization and sustain its stimulated growth in order to enable them to cultivate profitable outcomes.

We follow a disciplined Executive Search process to achieve our quality standards.

Research and Resources

As the key features of our executive search services, we have designed best research strategies and developed sharp resources that always stood intact at every curve, turn, loop, barrier or hurdle on the path of our successful history of amplifying the business strength of various clients. Our research team is equipped with years of experience and knowledge that enables them to be at forefront of industry beliefs. With our disciplinary approach and thoughtful ideas, we brace our clients to cater the needs of their small, medium and large scale human capital objectives.

Our resources comprise a web of global networks which is stretched out to the entire MENA Province and European countries, enabling us to represent candidates of all sort of culture, community, language, and personality.

The executives recruited by us never needed to do anything but to sit tight and wait to get hunted for a better opportunity in a new environment. If you have real potential, skills and knowledge, then consider yourself lucky because you are not far from our reach.

With the combination of such qualities, we are facilitating growth in your employee standards and advise and assist on various levels of recruitment process by profoundly supervising the entire searching and hiring process ranging from defining company’s needs and search context, possible search options, determining candidate’s role and profile description, telephonic conversations, database search, competency assessment, experience reports, short-listing candidates, and scheduling interview dates.

Analysis of business needs.

Our efficiency in identifying the most suitable job possibilities defines our successful track record as the finest in terms of reliability, competency, and integrity. We analyze the specific requirements of clients and discuss on solutions to restore them with our highly trained consulting partners, who prefer a direct approach into the depth of client’s workforce mechanism and learn about the various dynamics employed to maximize their business operations accurately.

This analysis gives us access to specific culture and values of company which is an important factor in determining the behavioral qualities of candidates. We precisely explain our clients the unforeseen consequences of lacking basic staffing needs which is a common fact but rarely comprehended by companies which confuses them on what should be expecting while hiring new recruits. In other words, we provide fundamental skills to enable our client’s staffing standards keep pace with profitable recruitment policies.

Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting aims to provide complete assistance in all your Human Resource challenges. By evaluating, determining, and conceptualizing the key challenges, we provide bespoke solutions to your staffing needs. We occasionally conduct manpower conferences with client’s HR department and their employees having strong working potential to identify what sort of behavior, characteristic and skills is more adequate and demanding in client’s manpower section. Only then, we plan a chart comprising a number of valuable skills and qualities verified under the recruitment proposals of our clients and then, begin our search for options that comprehensively counterpart the key points of eligible criteria described by the employer. Because the executive position isn’t something that can be settled with minor adjustments but require great efforts to ascertain the perfect skills and qualities mandatory to fill the vacant seat.

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