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Business Setup in Dubai

Our simple and fast process to establish Off-shore and On-shore companies in the city of Dubai

H.R. International, FZE, is a Dubai-based Executive Search company, established in 2016. It is the sister company of HR International, a successful name in overseas recruitment services. Additionally, we encourage and counsel entrepreneurs to set up new companies in Dubai as well. Our company formation agents will help you understand the basic requirements and legal procedures of establishing a new business in Dubai as business formation in Dubai requires great effort. This extreme city of Dubai is one of some places on Earth that has attracted and enraptured many global business investors and with every passing year, the numbers are growing rapidly. With an unbelievable infrastructure, man-made wonders, natural resplendence, sky scrapers, economic stability and diverse employment opportunities, Dubai is turning into a business hub for renowned business leaders and new opportunists. We would only say that business formation could be very frustrating for first timers but undeniably, if you manage to survive the beginning of formation, Dubai can offer you what is called a “larger than life experience” as it is one of the best places clothed with an aura of respectability, fast global connectivity, and innovative technologies to commence your business operations

Our job is to track new corridors of business formation and enable fresh entrepreneurs to live their desires of global recognition. These corridors lead your way to the gateways of opportunities for foreign as well as local investors to tap into imports and exports of commodities as well as gain benefits of its rising tourist attractions for almost an infinite number of clients and customers. Whether you are a small time investor or carrying dreams of initiating a multi-billion dollar organization, Dubai is equipped with every possible quality necessary for business installation and we will make the process simple, clear, and fast to the fullest possibilities. We will help you get acquainted with the various facts associated with business startup and help you tackle the legal issues which are mostly encountered in the process while launching a lucrative business in UAE.

Free Zone Company and Offshore Company

Free Zone Company: we can help you establish your business in free zones which is a guarantee that you own 100% shares of your business without a third party liaison to manage the venture. It has multiple benefits like full proprietorship, no tax fee, complete secrecy, etc, whereas offshore companies refer to a business operating beyond its boundaries. Just like H.R. International, the company is headquartered in New Delhi, India but also have similar enterprises in Dubai, Poland, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, etc. Our counsel will help you decide the type of license, business category, documentation, office solutions, and financial investments.

If you wish to own 100% shares of your company, then you should establish it in the free zone, but if your business requires being near the city zone and in touch of locals, then, it will be quickly bankrupted as the free zones are remote locations at the outskirts of the city, far away from the reach of people. Aside, the rental charges are much higher in free zones than city premises. We will guide you on what business will be productive in free zones depending on your business experiences and investment strength.

Basic requirements of Business Setup in Dubai

  • The minimum share capital requirements
  • The shareholding structure
  • The business licensing requirement
  • Drafting and notarizing the company’s memorandum and articles of association.
  • Opening a corporate bank account
  • Hiring Local workers to execute your business operations. Recruitment services as being the primary objective of our organization, we will help you assemble your staff.

We will help you in various sections of business formation

  • We will plan and negotiate the necessary Business ingredients.
  • We will help you select a free zone for you to own your business 100%
  • Assistance in selecting a business location that optimizes suitability, convenience and cost.
  • We will confirm your Visa eligibility and requirements if you are a foreign investor.
  • Guidance throughout the entire set up process by undertaking extensive research into the business sector you aim to deal in, its competitive environment, market conditions, and forecast results.
  • Help you consider the type of business that matches your experiences and dealing strength.
  • License generation whether it’s a commercial, professional or industrial and consultancy to get one that suits your business desires. Our business formation agents will help foreign entrepreneurs with business licensing applications.
  • Legal Guidance of various steps of business formation like legal forms, registration from Dubai Government, and license. Once you are registered, you must show your income status to the Ministry of Commerce of Dubai.
  • Local, National, and International support for your effective business operations.
  • In the end, as being a globally reputed recruitment service provider, we will provide you staff strength with best candidates that will help you to install, stabilize and expand your business.

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