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Visa Processing

Our Visa processing services has been the greatest ally, since the establishment of our Overseas Recruitment Company in 2005, with the sole purpose to provide value added visa services. We are headquartered in New Delhi, the commercial heart of India, with 25 associated offices in various countries of MENA region including Dubai as well, we are easily accessible in the business hub of Emirates as well as any other Gulf or Middle-East country. Our primary goal is to deliver best solutions of visa processing to all our valued clients.

H.R. International FZE, has in-depth knowledge, unbeatable experience and immeasurable resources in collecting necessary documents for Visa applications and surrendering them to the Embassies/consulates of your intended countries for further evaluation. Our promises and responsibilities doesn’t just end after counseling, convincing, persuading or selecting the candidates for overseas positions, but the job further becomes more exaggerated, complex and time-consuming with the visa processing and traveling assistance as it requires undeniable patience and finances to process the tasks.

Various categories of Visa and approval required while planning a job change in abroad.

  • Employment Visa
  • Residential Visa
  • Labor approval
  • Entry Permit Visa

The rapidity of your Visa processing depends on various factors:

  • The on-time availability and competency of UAE consulates/embassies.
  • The popularity and the influence of the company you are joining in.
  • The combined efficiency of your employer and recruiting agency.
  • The Immigration and visa processing law of the UAE.

Why should you consult us for Visa processing?

When you step in embassy or consulate office, you will find thousands of documents piled up for further attestations and unfortunately, it is not something you can get done with a little extra payment or formal requests, only Government resources and experience can get the job done accurately and swiftly. Your documents are the only evidence of your valid existence in other countries, thus it will take the time necessary to get the documents attested thoroughly. Visa is a written permission checked and approved by the combined process of two different countries and goes through multiple evaluations to allow someone to enter the destination country. That’s why you need us to organize the entire process in a qualified way.

You should have proper job agreement from your employer to proceed with the employment visa

Must have documents for visa processing:

  • School credentials
  • Valid identification like Voter ID, Driving License, Aadhar Card, etc
  • Valid address proof
  • Professional documents like experience certificate, and other technical credentials.
  • Trade License copy
  • Academic credentials like Degree, Diploma, Ph.D., etc
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate, if married.
  • Health Insurance
  • Valid passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Confirmed ticket details

What are the charges of visa processing?

The depth of its value and requirement cannot be risked over time or money, thus, keeping latest and updated information on the eligibility criteria, documentary requirement and prescribed fee for various categories of visa processing is the only way to estimate the average time period and charges required for the visa processing. So the prices are same in some cases but vary according to the nature of requirements and category of visa.

Our Visa processing team

As a premier visa processing agency, we deliver accuracy and professionalism in our processing and stamping services of education visa, employment visa, residence visa, for people to wish to explore various cultures, climates, and career opportunities bustling in abroad. In our team of global experts, we employed only those who are closely connected with various embassies, signing authorities, Government agencies, POE offices, through which we provide excellence and rapidness in documents attestation of all your personal/educational/commercial documents that are mandatory for clearance of visa. Making haste in visa processing or document attestation is clearly a bad idea, so whoever in need of instant visa processing must rely upon our expertise, even if takes a little extra time still the final results will be motivating.

What is the elimination period of visa?

The visa stamp punched on your passport by your embassy indicates the date on which your stay in the country will be terminated. Fortunately, you can choose to continue your stay in the country and maintain your legal status long after the expiry date mentioned on your visa without even renewing it as the renewal can only be needed after you leave the country and wish to make a comeback. This simply denotes that visa documents hold a great significant in everyone’s life and cannot be taken mildly

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