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In the last decade, shipping and transportation services have gained momentum at a very fast pace. Despite advances in automation technologies, work related to shipping, transportation, import and export of goods, logistics, supply, warehousing, remains highly labor intensive. The prospective growth in this industry has opened new doors for career enhancements in various blue-collar and white-collar fields and so, the requirement of manpower experts to handle the staffing needs and different aspects of hiring best possible candidates in the industry. The logistics and transport industry is a multi-staged platform with thousands of employee working day and night in different sections of paper-works, loading and unloading, accounts, distributor, quality inspector, health and safety officers, contractor, etc, ranging from underpaid labor posts to highly-paid managerial designations.

H.R. International helps businesses to improve their operations, control and meet labor demand by increasing their workforce efficiencies. Our primary focus is quality people and we are dedicated to ensuring you have the right person for the right position at the right time. If you feel the need of expanding your workforce to increase the productivity of your projects, then H.R. International, being a fast, reliable and responsible recruitment agency can provide you quality staff in a highly personalized manner which includes several positions and workforce. This market includes (but is not limited to):

  • International Freight Forwarding
  • International Shipping
  • Domestic Freight
  • International & Domestic Courier
  • Export & Import Houses / Traders
  • Perishables Companies
  • Supply Chain positions
  • Distribution Channel positions
  • Warehouse (3PL, 4PL) positions
  • Freight logistics coordinator
  • Shipping operation manager jobs
  • Deck engineer jobs
  • Purchase manager jobs
  • Accounts manager (logistics)
  • Quality manager jobs (Logistics)
  • Health and safety managers

Our proven track record in the logistics, transport and recruitment field is a testimony to our dedication in providing result-oriented staffing solutions to help achieve your organizational and personal goals.

We have maintained a large database of qualified, experienced and high caliber people who are pursuing a career in the logistics and transport industry.

We have a diverse range of sources and a huge network of recruiters, agents and counterpart agencies to help find the best possible candidates as per your specific labor demands in the industry.

Bespoke recruitment services as per the current industry standards to provide you a quality staff equipped with relevant skills and a passion to expand their career at an international level.

We are specialized in serving and supporting staffing demands of all types of companies, agencies or organizations in logistics and transport industry.

We have successfully delivered hundreds of candidates to fill the long supply chain and logistics management vacancies.

Expertise in handling the entire recruitment project on behalf of our clients and candidates which includes executive search, online research, campaign management, resume submission, sourcing, visa processing, immigration services, flight assistance and deployment.

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