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Information technology jobs are one of the strongest employment sectors not just in Dubai or Gulf Countries but throughout the globe as far as your career ambitions can force you to explore the internet. Careers in this industry have many roles to play including designer, developer, researcher, computer scientist, server manager, hardware and software engineers, programmers, coding experts, database administrators, computer network architect and engineer, information security analyst, administrators, IT Support Specialists, and the list is too huge to be indexed in a single page. Anyway, the real deal is that Information technology has the most profitable and biggest share of the world economy in comparison to any other economic corridor available in the world.

IT Department is very common nowadays as almost every company small or large has an IT department installed at their workplaces to maintain their business operations and stay connected to their associates. Even in software production companies whether they are newly fangled or existed through generations is battling to restore their popularity in the industry.

IT Industry has become the battleground for the most blazing business rivalry of IT services in today’s generation. Even in the academic world, bachelorette programs in computer engineering are the forefront priority of all global universities and the academic obsession of all students. Millions of computer engineers are being manufactured in these universities and their dreams to secure a global career in a reputed software manufacturing company is getting more and more intense and exhaustive with every passing year. Even in many Gulf countries, IT industry is getting its fair share of popularity and attracting academically hatched graduates to be a part of their business culture.


Now, think of the huge global radius covered in the blinding explosion of job opportunities triggered by this singular economic source of IT Industry. Immeasurable and unstoppable are the ideal remarks that can be used to describe the vastness of its rising popularity among both employers and job seekers whether they already have scored in the industry or wish for it. Needless to say, that the increasing gravity of IT industry is also magnetizing countless big and small recruitment agencies toward its endless orbits of business opportunities.

We, as a premier overseas/domestic recruitment agency, in the course of nearly 13 years, has decoded many personal and academic skills to console the staffing needs of various IT and software manufacturing companies. Most of the IT companies have received countless industry grade talents under our staffing supervision and they are well-organized in the “Dubai Internet City”. Their testimonies in favor of our impeccable recruitment services stand as the evidence of our excellence and dedication in searching, selecting, and placing academically gifted candidates in their rightful positions. The majority of our placements in Dubai comprise offshore candidates who were looking for better prospects and higher salary. The overwhelming flow in the career ambitions of foreign IT candidates for Dubai-based jobs, has led to the untimely expansion of employment prospects in the field of Information Technology.

H.R. International FZE, is a Dubai-based sister company of H.R. International recruitment agency. Incepted in 2016, in the extreme city of Dubai, our company offered cost effective and time efficient solutions for all IT employers who were seeking out talented professionals.

We provide an immediate response at any recruitment demand and give our clients direct access and detailed academic and professional information of suitable candidates, allowing them to review an array of resumes at the tip of their fingers on demand. This enables our clients to compare various candidates on their hiring parameters and allows them to create a clear profile picture of promising candidates, thus bridging the distance and bringing you closer has been our primary objective.

With our associate offices in 25 countries including Gulf nations, Middle-East countries, Poland, Nepal as well as India, we can overcome any recruitment obstacle small or large, offshore or onshore. We have a stellar infrastructure enabling us to provide a global platform for talent acquisition through our state-of-the-art recruitment strategies and services.

For those who wish to establish a gleaming career in IT industry, we can offer promising opportunities for qualified participants:

  • Computer and information research scientists.
  • System managers
  • Hardware and software engineers
  • Programmers
  • Web developers
  • Database administrators
  • Network systems and data communication analysts
  • System analysts
  • Network and computer systems administration
  • Computer support specialists.

Our recruitment services are available in many business sectors throughout the Gulf regions, whether it’s a national or international project; we can give you best recruitment services in healthcare, hospitality, academic, oil and gas, construction, automobiles and many more.

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