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In the age of growing automation requirements, the demand for skilled workers remains at an all time high across various business sectors, especially in Gulf Countries. Businesses require candidates who are taught techniques which enable them to multi-task without the reliance of helpers. We consider ourselves as the capacity building division of our overseas clients. With that in mind, we also take care of their skill assessment department as well and provide them only certified candidates. Additionally, organize interview sessions to enable clients to track and monitor skill demonstration of candidates before hiring them. As a whole, we train, certify and promote Indian candidates for global job vacancies in diverse business sectors, especially in construction industry of GCC and Middle-East countries.

H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd. is an offspring of H.R. group of companies, founded in the year of 2009, and emerged as a peerless global breakthrough in the quality deliverance of training, testing and interview services of all skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers in all technical fields like civil, engineering, mechanical, electrical and instrumental tasks. We are headquartered at the industrial area of Okhla, in the busy south zone of New Delhi with associate training centre in Siwan (Bihar) and Beawar (Rajasthan), India. Moreover, we are associated with Government-led skill building program and mission in India, and accredited to empower trainees with industry-recognized certifications and career guidance. To give them full exposure as well in the manufacturing and construction industry, we schedule skill assessment program and interview sessions to promote blue-collar skills under the close observation of expert trainers and global clients. Our training modules include mock interviews, career guidance and personality-development courses instructed by faculty-heads to change the attitude, mind-sets, body language, and behavior of trainees as per industry-level, which in addition, is the best approach to prepare students for client interviews as well.

With 8 years of flawless training experience in shaping the foundation of professional skills of blue-collar categories, we are now capable of producing fruitful results in training, testing and interview services followed under the strict standards of quality maintenance. We monitor existing potential of candidates and provide bespoke training programs to accelerate the growth of skills which are guaranteed to increase their chances of securing an overseas job. This evaluation process ensures each trainee’s competence level is measured throughout the training period followed by a mandatory “onsite” performance audit conducted by client himself. Also, Our State of the art facilities are equipped with well-furnished cabins for client interviews, janitorial crew, security guards, Wi-Fi facilities, AC, 24/7 services, advanced machineries, expert faculties, mechanical and technical tools for training and testing of all types of candidates in diverse technical sectors.

Our trade centre is widely spread in a built up area of 6000 Sq.ft,.25 KV for indoor activities such as training, testing, skill demonstration and interviews in all technical fields of plumbing, electrical, civil, architectural and mechanical works, whereas attained a huge land area of 10 acre to facilitate outdoor training, testing and interview of all kind of trailers, dump trucks and other heavy equipments, light/heavy drivers and transport vehicles under the close observation of overseas clients for placement services. We are complimented for having several well-equipped states-of-the-art training facilities at the location of Patna (Bihar) and Beawar (Rajasthan) which are also powered by skilled and experienced faculties for Training and Testing services, and preparing candidates for appropriate placements in their respective fields.

We are associated with several skill-development programs facilitated by Government of India to promote its “Skill India” Mission, and to expand India’s growing world-ranking in producing technical skills. In Gulf countries, some construction sites have labor shortage while some Indian states have labor surplus which makes easier for us to fulfill their need of construction workers through training modules comprising hands-on practical sessions, integrated with the concept of lean construction principles, latest construction technologies and practices including Masons, architectures, engineers, welder, fabricator, fitter, along with heavy vehicle drivers and heavy-equipment operators of bulldozers, mobile crane, tower crane, graders, JCB, hoists, backhoes, excavators, Boom truck, forklifts, and trailers. This is an opportunity for us as well to work with employers who are hiring across the skills spectrum in the construction industry.

Our organization has passed strict quality standards of several Government agencies that stands as the living testimony of our values, responsibilities and commitments including National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), Centre for Skill Development of Construction Industries (CSDCI), Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) and several other technically acclaimed organizations, like Manipal City and Guilds, UK and Quality Council of India- NABET. With the head office situated in New Delhi, India, our technical trade in training and testing services is running its branches in Patna (Bihar) and Beawar (Rajasthan) as well.

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