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H.R. Tours and Travels is one of the leading tour operators, precisely known for its deluxe Hajj and Umrah Packages for Muslim Pilgrims, as well providing comprehensive travel assistance in services of visa processing, air fare, hotel booking, flight plans, to both groups and individuals from India and other countries under the flagship of H.R. Group of Companies. The company was founded in the spring of 2012, as an online travel platform, since then, in the course of 6 years, the company boosted at the level of active membership given by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) and Incredible India project, and registered by the AIHUTOA (All India Hajj and Umrah Tour Organizers Association) and emerged as the “ace of modern tourism services”. Since its inception, the company has proven to be a valuable asset for local as well as international travelers to acquire affordable tourism packages for any destination all across the planet

We are fully licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India with strong reputation in inbound travel trade through which we have excelled our services throughout the world. The Company with its strategically managed tourism engine specializes in organizing adventure, cultural, religious, hill station and wildlife tourism packages through its sprawling network.

The Company has secured a global image for itself as a brand signifying quality and timely services, a benchmark for people longing to travel abroad freely and simultaneously, be able to receive stable and careful assistance through us. Within a small period of time, H.R. tours and travels won the trust of exclusive and highly demanding customer base.

The company is headquartered in Building no-197, 1st floor, Jeevan nagar, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi, India, with several associate offices in Saudi Arabia and other countries. We are 24 hours accessible through Internet and provide intensive care for all your traveling needs such as travel planning, itinerary design, accommodation, flight tickets, Passport and visa processing. It also provides customized holiday packages as per the client’s financial as well as destination needs.

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