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H.R. International is the name simply refers to the credibility in the field of medical recruitment, which comes with the propensity toward selection and quality placement of right candidates to their desired positions. Our job includes identification of genuine candidates capable of holding the employer’s productivity rate, reputation and business operations with accuracy.

Saudi Arabia is the hub of medical opportunities

Healthcare has become one of the Saudi Arabia’s most productive business sectors in terms of revenue and reputation, therefore exceedingly growing in term of employment for both local and international medical experts. Saudi Arabia’s recruitment demands of healthcare experts are growing with the speed of light and similarly, on the other hand, Indian healthcare industry is overwhelming with millions of fresh medical graduates every year. Anyway, this doesn’t change the fact that a rising numbers of medical recruiters are still battling to dig their claws into the career of thousands of young medical professionals. Such dominating reasons have converted Saudi Arabia into a terminal for both recruitment demands and their suppliers. Thus, the honorable profession of healthcare services has further evolved into a pioneering business sector, strengthening its coverage, services, and expenditure throughout the globe by the public as well as private players.

As a private well-maintained overseas recruitment company, we have emerged as a vibrant force in the Healthcare Industry of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of reputation and reliability. To facilitate the growth of healthcare industry in Saudi Arabia, the company has boosted to the level of “official authorization” after we entered into a partnership with the “Healthcare Industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” for the recruitment of medical professionals and other medical cadres.

Furthermore, our quality-focused recruitment services and the presence of world-class healthcare recruiters in our contacts have strengthened Saudi’s position as a preferred destination for medical tourism. We are responsible for overall searching, pursuing, selecting and deploying of medical experts such as consultants, specialists, along with other professional Nursing and Paramedical staff for the Govt. Hospitals as well as private medical centers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the aegis of its Ministry of Health.

Quality does matter

As a premier recruiter of medical experts, we understand what truly influences factors like medical supervision, research and development, rising population, prevention of health issues, and healthcare counseling and why they have been the most common subjects in today’s healthcare industry of Saudi Arabia which needs to be countered with an exceptional quality standard. Instant healthcare growth and deployment of best medical practitioners are two major challenges entrusted to us by the Healthcare Industry of Saudi Arabia. We monitor, analyze and identify the downsides of current medical practices in order to recruit medical experts capable of injecting valuable quality standards in Saudi’s healthcare services with absolute surety.

We are considered as the most favored medical recruitment service provider across the Middle-East countries, particularly for the position of senior-level Medical Professionals. Since our inception in 2005, in the course of 13 years with our unparallel experience in conducting overseas recruitments, we have received countless global appreciation for our quality solutions in medical and healthcare domain. The assistance offered by our recruitment geniuses are addressed promptly and professionally by entire UAE healthcare industry

Major Benefits & Perquisite Offered by Healthcare Industry as Salary Components.

Special Allowances
  • Paid Leaves of 45 Days
  • Tax Exempted Salary
  • Free Accommodation or HRA
  • Family Status Visa
  • Free Transportation
  • Yearly Ticket
  • High Saving potential compared to India and other countries in the Gulf region
  • Low Cost of Living in KSA compared to India and other Gulf countries
  • Saudi Arabia is the safest Gulf country to work and live with family or single
  • Education facilities for children are available in most of the cities in KSA with English Medium, Indian Schools.

International work exposure in Healthcare Industry KSA.

Centre for Examination for USA & UK Higher Degree & Fellowship from Saudi Arabia.

We specialise in the recruitment of Health care professionals, such as Consultant, Specialist, Resident, & G.P, along with Nursing (B.Sc) & Paramedical staff, covering the following disciplines-

  • Medicine
  • Emergency
  • Radiology
  • Neonatology
  • Pediatrics
  • Nephrology
  • Endocrinology
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiology
  • Anesthesia
  • ICU (Neonatal ICU & Pediatric ICU)
  • Gastroenterology
  • Dentistry
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