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Facility Management Recruitment services

We are the most recognized professional association for facility management. With connectivity in over 25 countries, we have grown exponentially by recruiting finest facility management professionals with exceptional quality services, resources and opportunities. Our dedication is focused on promoting and advancing the profession through our wide global network which enables you to showcase your professional skills and get profitable outcomes form the rising opportunities open to Facility management both local and global.

Incorporated in 2016 and stationed at Dubai, H.R. International FZE, believes in designing customized facility in order to give you the day-to-day feel of perfectly crafted office interiors. Facility management is collectively known as the group of services that deals in provision and management of resources, business support services, crafting and designing of office interiors, buildings and structure according to the specific demands of the clients. Our job in that is to ensure all the aspects of the building’s system and daily operations meet the standard of excellence. Our recruited candidates are well-educated in all kind of preventive, upgrade and remedial works of the building maintenance services such as painting, decorating, carpentry, plumbing, glazing, lighting, ventilation, fire safety, temperature control, plastering and tiling, to keep the office surroundings and its components well-organized in every manner.

Since our inception in overseas recruitment services, we have been the true partners of various Gulf-based companies for the recruitment of right people in the Facility management industry. Successfully coordinating with our staff and recruiters to ensure that all recruits positively comprehend the gravity of skills required by the employer to execute every task related to maintenance and administration support activities. Our services are equipped with the most dedicated and hard-working recruiters and Executive search models to find out the most qualified workers and a wide global network with associate offices in over 25 countries is what gives us access to all the best candidates living in countries like Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Nepal, India, Poland, and many more. Our Overseas recruiters are basically trained and worked with Middle-East and Gulf Recruitment firms.

As a globally reputed recruitment company, we are standing on top of the industry, focused on searching and hiring dedicated and skilled personnel for the profile of facility management. By following a set of carefully designed recruitment strategies that help us spot candidates who demonstrate a quality work of great precision and excel in knowledge, expertise and hard work in the industry. The selection process of candidates for the jobs available in facility management includes the academic as well as practical assessment of their skills to identify their level of devotion in the design, development, production, support, inspection and testing services in order to confidently ensure safe operations of any facility, also maximize the life of equipments and reduce risk factors. Such an extended level of evaluation is necessary for the positions of facility managers, facility account manager, proposal manager, security person, equipment operator, supervisor, medical staff, cleaner, supervisor and bids manager.

Skills required in facility management domain:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Outstanding management
  • Capable of managing the tasks according to preferences
  • Knowledgeable about particular domain

Our facility management recruiters provide candidates specializes in landscaping and gardening, electrical services, plumbing jobs, civil jobs, pest control and fumigation, security services, marble and stone maintenance, business and office complexes, building and property management, project management, strategic assessment management, Space allocation, fire safety, health management, sports stadiums, and schools. In many cases, the work of office layout is the matter of constant changes, so the demand for facility management professionals to facilitate the upgrades like staff relocation, business settlement and space allocation will always exist. Business continuity planning is another major concept that needs to be closely structured so that in case of fire, earthquakes, or other natural disasters, the business can recover its losses instantly. Our facility management recruitment services recognize the seriousness of the work and deliver only experienced people to take care of the safety measures, so that you only need to focus on the productivity of your business campaigns.

As most of our clients have already tested the strength of our decade-long services, they bear the testimony of our quality deliveries and timely services as we have always been concerned with the absolute satisfaction of all our clients and candidates as well. We have served almost in every business sector that requires the staffing solutions of facility management such as health care centers, Education department offices, fire houses, sports stadiums, and corporate houses. They all needs to be designed in their unique way and vary from each other, thus require specific craftsmanship to maintain them all with standard quality. We have always served the best in our talent to provide workforce for the office layout works, interior and exteriors of corporate houses, software offices, IT service companies, and multi-cuisine food courts.

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