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We are a leading manpower recruitment agency serving UAE with its exclusive Local recruitment services and emerged into a powerhouse of career opportunities while getting highly popular among “Arabian” youngsters and job seekers for career endorsement. Our services are safe and sound in every manner to cater the need of local businesses. Our reputation as an overseas recruitment agency equipped with 13 years of regional experiences, gave us a unique position in the Local manpower market of UAE as well, ever since the day we began our local operations, many home-grown companies and businesses choose us as their local staffing partner for the recruitment of skilled job seekers, wandering within their own boundaries to help them deal with local customers in diverse business verticals.

The city is flooding with tourists, adventurers, explorers, archeologists and businessmen throughout the year and to efficiently manage them, we have hired and deployed countless skilled labors and guides from local and native regions. Also, businessmen who are unfamiliar with its local traditions, rules and legal formalities related to the formation of businesses, need local assistance to learn and adapt to its industrial demands.

Local recruitment is a never-ending phenomenon in UAE with thousands of people visiting every year because most of them have high-hopes to establish a cheerful life in the heart of UAE, the extreme city of Dubai.

Dubai has always been the dream city of Indian youngsters as well as a heaven for those who have experienced its luxurious life-style.

Our Team

Our expert consultants and headhunting groups are the products of our decade-long devotion and commitment. Our successful history bear the witness of 35000 talented candidates, they have identified and deployed throughout the world, mostly in GCC and Middle-East countries and received a warming appreciation throughout these years

Despite the ever-rising recruitment demands and overwhelming competition, we have managed to secure a unique position in the hearts of millions of clients and candidates.

We have deployed candidates for various job openings in UAE such as housemaids, automobile experts, sales and marketing experts, manager, etc. We offer a comprehensive array of human resource services to our local partners and candidates to ensure that they get the finest batch of candidates.

Career guidance for local candidates!

We believe, in many ways, best job opportunity is the one that doesn’t compel you to step out of your local boundaries as it doesn’t ask for great sacrifices of leaving your family behind, legal formalities, visa and passport requirements and also a risk of failure. All we need is to focus in the right direction and knock the right doors in your own city. The real problem is not unemployment but our inefficiency in matching the right jobs to the right people. It is very explicable that without proper guidance and knowledge, even an experienced person cannot differentiate between right direction and wrong direction. That’s why we are here.

We bridge the gap between candidate’s quest of job search and his/her lack of information required to ascertain job vacancies available in UAE. In order to cater this need of job seekers, we operate in multiple small-teams which give us an inclusive overview on the current employment scenario and rising vacancies, a proven strategy to easily conduct headhunting operations in all business verticals whether you're just entering the workforce, have decided on a career change or looking for a new job. Our qualified consultants have the profound knowledge and expertise necessary to confidently resolve the queries of candidates in a motivating way and help them secure a compelling opportunity that can transform their career dreams.

For companies

H.R. International FZE, has a proven regional experience and possesses a team of well-educated recruitment staff holding precise knowledge of its local talent pools, can assist you with your recruitment needs and ensures that you hire only best available candidates. We provide recruitment services in many business verticals ranging from Banking, Finance, construction, engineer, education, facility management, healthcare, FMCG, oil production, hospitality, IT, media, automobile, iron &steel works, transport and logistics, etc. We are also specialized in providing quality full time domestic staff of different nationalities to local and expatriate families.

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