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Document Attestation

Documents are valued higher than any other valuable.

Our document attestation services refers to the most detailed verification process of legal, professional and academic documents of a local individual issued in their respective country and intended to use them in other countries in order to legalize their residency and employment as per the immigration law of the destination country.

In case of foreign recruitment, employers cannot afford miscalculations in legal verification process of outside workers as it badly influences the employer’s integrity, recruitment policies, efficiency, and industrial reputation as well as destroys applicant’s future career for permanent. Foreign candidates must submit all their legal documents to gain both official and legal approval to work in abroad and build a career in any of its homegrown companies. Such attestations are mandatory for candidates who wish to earn a living in foreign countries as it is the only proven method, followed by a chain of comprehensive verification processes to ascertain the candidate’s academic/professional/characteristic identities, and find out if it meets the general criteria of legal authorization for overseas recruitment suggested by the Government.

It requires time consuming efforts of collecting, submitting, attesting, signing and stamping of original as well as Xerox copies of all your personal/educational/commercial documents if you wish to apply for a job in abroad. Improper verification will directly result in the termination of visa as well as your stay in foreign country; also your employer will also face several legal difficulties in this regard. Something we never intend to happen and for the last 16 years, it never actually happened.

Our document attestation process is defined as the “best in the industry” in evaluating the quality and effectiveness of legal as well as professional documents of recruits appointed for overseas vacancies

We are a certified overseas recruitment and document attestation agency with life-long experience in deploying foreign candidates to GCC and Middle-East countries, facilitating growth in the expansion of staffing strength on a global scale. Our deployed candidates who secured an honorable status in several countries without ever facing any legal or immigration problems stand as the living testimony of our huge network of immigration lawyers, legal agencies, Government offices, embassies/consulates which helped us cut-short the long and complex process of documentation and verification in order to legitimize overseas recruits to work freely in other countries as their local citizen.

We are among the few organizations approved by SACA (Saudi Arabia Cultural Attache, Government of Saudi Arabia), New Delhi, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Consulate in Mumbai for documents attestation, visa stamping process and recruitment in the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We provide document attestation services for UAE, India, European Countries, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and many others. It will be initially done by the various consulates working in foreign embassy for further evaluation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government before clearing the UAE Visa. The process is inevitable for you to get the employment visa as well as residential and educational.

We maintain an excellent competency in assuring 100% genuine attestation of all your documents and certificates at a very competitive price as compared to the market rates.

We provide apostils attestation which is a global attestation of your identity as apostilles are admissible in 92 countries and highly respectable in the western world as well.

Our verification processes are endorsed by Embassies and major corporate whereas widely admired among our clients and candidates in terms of competency, accuracy, legitimacy, time saving, safety, economically, and quick response time.

Once the documentation process is done, we recollect your documents from embassies/consulates and put them back in your possession.

Our document attestation services include verification of documents:

  • Educational certificates.
  • Personal Documents
  • Character Certificate
  • Commercial Documents
  • Business Documents
  • Apostil
  • Visa and Passport.

We assure to offer genuine attestation/ Apostille service covering the following –

  • HRD Attestation
  • State Attestation
  • Chamber of Commerce Attestation
  • Language Translation Services
  • Personal Documents Attestation
    • Birth Certificate
    • Medical Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Divorce Certificate
    • Experience/ Employment Certificate
    • Death Certificate
  • Educational Documents Attestation
    • Degree Certificate
    • Diploma Certificate
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